Canine-ality™ 101

Meet Your Match® Canine-ality™

The Ontario SPCA is excited to announce the launch of Meet Your Match® Canine-ality™, an adoption program owned by the ASPCA and created by Animal Behaviourist Dr. Emily Weiss, Ph.D.

What Is Canine-ality™?

One of our primary goals at the Ontario SPCA is to find orphaned dogs new forever homes. Meet Your Match® helps us do just that! The Meet Your Match® (MYM) Canine-ality™ Adoption Program is our new color-coding method for matching shelter dogs and prospective adopters. Canines aged six months and older are part of the program, making it possible for you to learn about a dog’s personality before deciding to make him a part of your family. Finding the perfect dog is a big task! That’s why the MYM program was developed—to help match the “colors” of your personality with your new friend’s canine-ality.

Shelters using MYM are reporting reduced return rates, better customer service and increased adoptions. This tells us that our science-based program is helping people to make good adoption choices. That means lives are being saved!

How Does Canine-ality™ work?

When visiting one of our many Ontario SPCA Communities, potential adopters are invited to complete a brief one-page survey, which will help to outline their lifestyle and how they envision a dog fitting in. Trained staff also completes the survey on the dogs’ behalf, as part of a scientifically-based behavioural assessment.

The main objective behind Meet Your Match® Canine-ality™ is to facilitate the adoption process as much as possible. The survey encourages discussions that are helpful to the adoptive owner and ultimately to the pet they choose to take home. After completing the simple multiple-choice survey, the adoptive owner is assigned a colour - purple, orange or green. They are invited to focus on (but are not limited to) the corresponding colour assigned to dogs in the shelter, which based on their individual behavioural assessments, were also assigned a colour of purple, orange or green. Families looking for a sociable dog who loves to play are less likely to end up with a dog that prefers solitude or the quiet affection of just one person. The program reveals both a dog’s and an adopter’s true colors so that you can make a more informed choice about the pooch you bring home.

What colour is your dog?

Fill out the Meet Your Match® Canine-ality™ survey online to find out. The survey consists of 15 multiple-choice questions that will help determine your Meet Your Match® colour. You can then print out your results and bring them into your nearest participating shelter where staff will help you match your colour with the corresponding canines waiting for a new home.

Click here to take the survey online.